Whippersplashers offers swimming lessons in Woking and Addlestone, Surrey



We offer adult and child classes based on the ASA Duckling Series. Skills taught include Safe Entry & Exit, Streamline Body Position, Breath Control, Travel on Front and Back, Floating, Balance, Jumping in and Rotation. The classes include lots of songs and fun activities to help you and your child enjoy their time in the water.


We base our classes on ASA Learn to Swim Framework for swimming which enables children to progress through the stages covering basics such as Safe Entry & Exit, Floatation, Breath Control, Streamline Body Position, Strong Leg Kick, Effective Arm Pull, Rotation and Understanding of Water Safety, moving onto the strokes, Breaststroke, Front crawl, Backstroke and Butterfly.

Our swimming classes encourage and promote:

  • Trust between the participants and teacher, through having fun together and lots of praise
  • Water confidence, through well planned and executed lessons
  • Safety skills to keep you safe, teaching you to have a healthy respect for the water
  • Independent swimming with correct technique


Classes are held in heated in-door swimming pools, with changing room facilities. Poolside viewing is available at all pools.

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